Moxy Muse is in the building . . .

Moxy Muse is in the building . . .

Welcome to Moxy Muse: a Musicians Innovation Creation Space. Moxy Muse is an online community that promotes the value and benefits of music to all people. Yes, there is online face to face and group instruction, personal and professional development, destination learning, collaboration, speakers, forums, and mentor and peer feedback. More importantly, Moxy Muse is a safe environment to for you to explore any of your musical goals and aspirations.moxymuse-06

You are part of a special group of artists, educators, musicians and leaders that have been chosen to help define and build Moxy Muse. It is yours to create, innovate and share with the world. It is here to serve you, and all its members and connected communities. The online presence of this culturally diverse international community of practice will build a unique global voice. Your inner artist, leader and innovator will thrive. You will be heard.

What will Moxy Muse say? Your growth mindset is essential and your participation will make a difference. Together, we will promote the value of music and its value will be undeniable.

These are the humble beginnings of Moxy Muse.

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    Share your thoughts on the above post. I look forward to reconnecting and hearing your ideas, desires and goals. Great to have you in the community.

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