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    ePTFE Auto Film is defined as: after two-way stretch forming process, change the pore aperture size to assess the level of waterproof and breathable (IP65 IP67), and with PET two-component non-woven and PP spun-bonded non-woven base material thermal compound, etc
    ePTFE 1um Specification :
    1.Code :SNFSTQ-M-1um
    2.thickness :5-15um
    3.Breadth :260-1600mm
    4.Length :300-1000m
    5.Aperture :1um
    6.Hydrostatic pressure :1000-3000mmH20↑ or 0.01-0.03Bar/60s↑ watertight (1Bar=1kg 1Bar=0.1mpa)
    7.breathability :25-80L/m².s(pressure difference 127Pa)or 150-300ml/min.cm²
    8.PH value :0-14
    Material and Application Field
    Application FieldCell phone, interphone, computer, solar, nuclear power plants, aviation industry, car and so on
    Base material manufactureImport base material (JapanToray, Japan Unitika, Japan Hirose, Cologne Korea, the United States HV) can Thermal compounding。
    weight60g/m²、100g/m²、120g/m²、150g/m²、180g/m²、200g/m²、240 g/m²、260g/m²。
    FacadeFlat woven fabrics, non-woven stripes, dots nonwoven 。
    post processingePTFE film mulching
    SpecialityWaterproof, breathable, dust-proof, good temperature performance, good sound transmission, high and low temperature, good chemical stability
    As one of the professional eptfe 1um for pet two-component non-woven fabrics, pp needled feltpp woven scrim pp spunbond non-woven fabrics manufacturers and suppliers in China, SENNUO now has many products with adequate quality in stock. Please be free to purchase our high quality products made in China and get the quotation and the free sample from our factory.Auto Film in stock

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